Best running game of all time

Let’s say you are having an argument with your friends concerning the best running game for your phone. You should invite them to this page so that they can read with you.
After today, doubts between you two will certainly clear off. You two will know what I think is best to play when it comes to endless running.

endless running game

To begin, I am not affiliated with the game which you see here. I played it several times and think it is better than others on mobile game stores. If you think it isn’t, make a comment explaining why yours is more awesome.

To play a game one needs concentration. You can’t decide whether something is the best or not if you don’t make out time to go through it well.
I have been able to play the one I recommend here far longer than I have on other games.
I know how to get its cheat and get so many of its currency without paying. You can call me a freak in it. But that doesn’t mean I named it the best because I was able to cheat in it. The thing is, it is addicting and will never wipe off completely no matter how long you stopped playing.

Here comes the game, Subway Surfers.

Many of you will shout and wonder why this is my choice of game. You shouldn’t compare it with Super Mario, Temple Run or others. This is super popular and still gets lots of downloads on its Google Play page. You can still recent reviews which prove that people still play.

For most of you that don’t seem to know what kind of game it is, Subway surfers are generally known as an endless running mobile game. On it, you are chased by a dog and a policeman.
While running, you need to dodge trains and other things. Whenever you hit on one, you are caught.
As you play, you need to run across coins in front of you or in any direction. This will help you to upgrade yourself in the profile section. Take note, you don’t need a coin master hack without survey for this game. Its tactics are elsewhere.

best running android game

That is not a full illustration of what the game is. You can look for more details on the web or get the game and see what it is.

These days, even though the game is old, the developer still makes updates. Few old games do this.
They work to ensure that people don’t find the reason to dump it for another addicting game.

  • February 7, 2020