How to make a video game

Big game companies like Ubisoft and Gameloft spend lots of money to designs. They have programmers working daily to build the next blockbuster. It is an incredible market that brings in lots of revenues more than other verticals. It also has more popularity based on number of active players of the formal game release of the developer.

video game maker

You all might have seen games for consoles and that of mobile devices. Thus, it is a journey for every builder and also a dream for a starter.

Most of these top makers have awards from Choice Awards in San Francisco. Others are trying so hard to showcase their powerful design in so many platforms.

However, I am not writing this article to talk about the success of others, but to help you create your own.
You must understand that creating a groundbreaking one is a difficult task. It is more like making a hit song. It requires lots of skills and combination of a genius. I am not saying you anyone can make a game like Spider Man while sitting. You just need to have more experience and patience to achieve that.
Selecting the right software
If you have some cash like hundred thousand dollars and a good professional background in programming, you can get license for a game engine. But for some folks, it is impossible.
Assuming you prefer not to start from screech, you need to select the proper software in order to do the job well. There are lots of free and paid options to pick. Both have advantages which can push anyone to choose from. Below, here are some ones that you should check;

RPG Maker VC Ace
This is a nice program for creating 2D role playing games. It was used to make Final Fantasy 90s version and Dragon Quest games.
It might be a way to have more knowledge on how to make good games with combat design, as well as adventure ones. RPGs are liked many people. If you spend enough time and make something amazing with it, yours might go top on the list.

GameMaker for Windows and Mac OS X
This is a comprehensive tool that enables players to create lush 2D type of games without any expertise in programming. The program as a bit of learning structure which can be grasp, if one spend time on their tutorials and online community.
The light version of this software is available for free on the appropriate website. But the premium one cost up to 500 dollars.
It remains an excellent one for making games that can be port to android, HTML 5, iOS and computer without having full knowledge of a scripting language.

Different game builders exist online with their download link on their respective page. They include;

  • Construct 2 for Windows
  • Stencyl
  • Flixel
  • Unity – Best if you learn how to use it
  • Unreal Engine 4

You can know on about each of them if you search on Google. Just pick anyone based on the type of game you plan to design. Remember, it cost some money to get amazing features on any of those. I advice you pick according on your budget.

  • July 23, 2018