How to play monster legends

Monster Legends is s cool multiplayer action game that works on a web browser through Facebook.
Nowadays, it can be played on Android and iOS, by downloading it from your device app store.
It is fairly easy and has so many guides that can enable a new player to get started.
Although it offers some complex features which can be challenging, but tutorials are available online for them.

monster legends action game

Today, you are going to learn how you can actually play this popular MMO game on your gadget. First, you need to ensure you have a legit and not modified copy of it. After that, come back here and keep reading.

Develop Your Island

When you start the game, there is a possibility that you will like to join the battlefield. Don’t rush. You need to assemble your army. To do that, you need to construct your own paradise.
Your home base is the island where the game begins. It is the center of performing all operations like creating, training, feeding and growing your own set of monsters. You can turn them from little hatching to super powerful beasts.
Once you start, a monster master will welcome you and walk you through the entire process of making your own monster.
It is very necessary to obey all instructions during those steps. After everything, you will notice that they can’t go around your island. You need to assign where they will live.
You can purchase some stuffs from the game shop to add to your island.

Adventure Battle Map

Once you have sets of hatched monsters and they are leveled up, you should go into battle.
Select the attack tab which is usually at the left corner, and then choose adventure.
You will be taken to ten numbered landing points representing battles where you will be assigned to a fight. You will move from one battle to the other as you complete any.
You can choose to pick another team before any battle starts.
You will gain more experience as you move from one particular island to another. You can spin for more options or enemy battle.

How to get gold and gems
Gold and gems can be gotten when you defeat your enemies. You can earn them from idle monsters. They are other ways like watching promo videos or during surveys.
The game social network platform sometimes rewards players who have good achievements in their status with gems. If you can’t use free ways to get them, you can purchase them and enjoy.

  • July 21, 2019