How to skip a level in candy crush

Today, I saw a video on how to skip a level in candy crush. The method was quite easy and it worked for me without using any version of a lucky patcher on my phone. So, today I am writing about it.

The idea is very simple: we will control our progress bar movement while we attempt to pass the level. To do that, there is a place in the game where you can simply pause any time and resume later (the final screen before playing).

candy crush levels unlocked

1- Go to an existing saved game; I chose Level 1-7 because it’s close enough to the tutorial, but far from being completed or started [see screenshot below]. You can pick any difficulty you like. However, I don’t recommend starting over if you’re past level 10 already (unless you want to try this method and the next level is too far away); you’ll just accumulate a lot of extra lives and that will do nothing but clutter your screen with useless information.

2- Click on “Resume” to play the game normally; it’s important to do so now because we don’t want our progress bar position overwritten by the original saved game (otherwise, we won’t know where to resume from).

3- During game-play, pause at any moment. You can choose any orientation or amount of candies already matched as long as there are still some moves left. Here, I paused right before starting a move.

4- Click “Resume” again after pausing. The first and hardest part is done: we know where and when to resume from. The ball is in our court now; it’s just a matter of getting used to pausing and resuming so frequently.

5- Play until the final screen before starting a level. You can do whatever you like here (collect more candies, eat all jelly or whatever), but it must be on this last step only. If you go further into the level, then start over again because your progress bar position will not match anymore with future levels.

6- Once you’re at the final screen before playing a level, pause once again! Now that we’re here, it shouldn’t be too hard after all.

7- Resume to the point where you left in the previous step, but this time it should be much faster because there are no more moves.

8- Pause one last time and resume again until the game is over. If you can’t get past that screen right away, keep practicing at step 6 or 7 (or both).

9- As soon as candy crush says “Game Over” press “Restart Level” before it shows your score; here comes our real trick: if done correctly, you’ll leave everything behind (including candies) like nothing ever happened! It won’t take long for the level to automatically restart; when it does, pause immediately after it starts.

candy crush saga mod

10- The final step, resume from step 9 to return right where you left off! It’s a fitting end for this short process because you will probably lose a life here or there if it wasn’t done correctly, but that’s okay. Don’t forget to “Resume” one last time after finishing the level and going back to the map screen.

That’s all, folks! I hope it works as great as it did for me. You can learn how to play monster legends here. It is interesting like Candy Crush game.

  • October 21, 2021