How to use lucky patcher on your phone

Many people don’t seem to know what lucky patcher is. It is an app that is used to skip in-app purchases on android games and apps. It is also best for skipping license verification of some apps that are sold on download stores. It can also work as a Google ad blocker.
Today, you are going to learn how to really use it effectively on your device.
Before you continue reading, make sure you have a rooted android device. If you don’t know how to do that, search on Google. Many devices have specific apps that can do that.

lucky patcher android apk

You cannot find Lucky Patcher on Google Play Store. Why? It is against their pattern.
You have to look for the APK online. Sorry, I can’t include the download link here.
Just search on or any mobile application download site.
After you have it, do the following.

  1. Unpack it using a zip extractor if it is zipped. If it is in normal format, install.
  2. After installation, ignore any security warning and proceed to next step.
  3. Open the app and grant instant root permission. Some device might write something else.
  4. Let it run and gather all required packages and patches.
  5. Once it is through, you will see a list of all apps installed on your phone.
  6. Select the one you like to patch its in-app purchase. For example, candy crush.
  7. Click on the tap that says menu for patches.
  8. Click on support patch for LVL emulation and InApp.
  9. Select the two first options that show next. Click on apply and wait for 5 minutes or more.
  10. Once it is done, reinstall the game or app. It will replace it with the one the app patched.
  11. Run the app or game. Then select the resource you want to buy.
  12. Lucky Patcher will pop up and purchase it.

lucky patcher running in background
You see, it is not that difficult to actually carry out the entire process. Nothing was skipped here, but other sites might explain it differently.
Note that, this is not an easiest way to get lots of free robux. So, it can’t patch every game out there. Anyone played online might need a special means.
Developers are getting more aggressive by implementing online confirmation for their games.
They are aware that people use this app to cheat on multi-player missions. So, they are doing stuffs possible to stop that.

Nevertheless, this is just to enlighten people that are looking for a way to do it. You should only use it if you feel like becoming smarter than others. But, know that, IOS users won’t be able to run it on their device.

  • April 16, 2019